Bethan talks to Totally Wild

I encourage my graduate students to disseminate their research to the general public and take part in community discourses about science through presentations and media opportunities. Last year PhD candidate Bethan Littleford-Colquhoun shared our research on the kids TV series 'Scope', and recently this year appeared on another kids science program 'Totally Wild'. She shares her experience:

"Science communication and outreach has always been something I’ve wanted to integrate into my science career as its extremely important that we as scientists let the wider community know what kind of research we do and the awesome results we have..….and its fun! Whilst being a part of Celine Frere's lab I have been given many opportunities to participate in science communication projects, including filming for the TV shows Totally Wild and Scope".

"Filming short interviews for TV has allowed me to interact with a multitude of people and chat about the research we do within our lab group, from production crew to the TV audience. Filming these short segments first involves chatting to the program coordinator about the content of the interview, then from the information we provide we get given a loose script for the day. Once the day of filming arrives we meet the crew and presenter, and scope out the best places to film. Once we are all happy we then start filing the interview and extra shots. These filming days have always been a lot of fun and are a nice break from data collection and analysis".