Research Group

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Dr Celine Frere


PhD (Evolutionary Biology), University of New South Wales

BSc. Hons I, University of Queensland


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Dr Romane Cristescu

Co-founder, Detection Dogs for Conservation

Postdoctoral Researcher


M Research University of Tours, France.

Veterinary Doctorate State Diploma, Wildlife specialisation (Highest Honours) National Veterinary School of Alfort, France

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Dr Kasha Strickland


PhD University of the Sunshine Coast

M.Sc. (Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology) University of Exeter UK

BSc(hons) Conservation Biology and Ecology (University of Exeter)

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Carme Piza Roca

Carme Piza Roca

PhD candidate

MSc (Hons) in Biology and Environmental Sciences Radboud University, Netherlands.

BSc University of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Project: How does sexual selection drive social evolution in male eastern water dragons


Coralie Delme

PhD candidate

M.Sc. (Ecology) - University of Saint-Etienne, France.

B.Sc. University of Lille, France.

Project: Influence of parents’ morphology and social behaviour on offspring (eastern water dragons)

Katrin Hohwieler

Katrin Hohwieler

PhD candidate

M. Sc. (Wildlife Ecology and Management), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

B. Sc. (Biology), University of Freiburg, Germany

Project: Genetic consequences of urbanisation on koalas

Nicola Kent.jpg

Nicola Kent

Research Assistant

B. Sc. (Class 1 Hons) (Evolution and Ecology), University of the Sunshine Coast

B.Sc. (Zoology and Terrestrial Ecology) University of Queensland


Riana Gardiner

Research Assistant

PhD University of Tasmania (completed not yet awarded)

M.Sc. University of Exeter UK


Nicola Peterson

Honours candidate

Project: Immune function and urbanisation in eastern water dragons

Tanisha Vidale

Tanisha Vidale

Honours candidate

Project: Personality traits that enhance learning in conservation detection dogs


Dr Bethan Littleford-Colquhoun


PhD University of the Sunshine Coast

MSc (Conservation and Biodiversity) University of Exeter UK

BSc (Hons) in Conservation Biology and Ecology at the University of Exeter 2:1

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Sarah Ball

PhD candidate

M.Sc. Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology (Distinction) Exeter University

B.Sc. Marine Biology (upper 2:1) Swansea University

Project: Influence of behaviour on intragroup conflict and social status (eastern water dragons)


Alexis Levengood

PhD candidate

M.Research in Marine Mammal Studies (2:1) from St Andrews, Scotland.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Biological Science and Environmental Studies (cum laude) from Connecticut College, USA.

Project: Drivers of social behavior, specifically looking at long-term social avoidance behavior in bottlenose dolphins.


Anthony Schultz

PhD candidate

M.Sc. Conservation and Biodiversity, University of Exeter

B.Sc. Hons Zoology, University of Cape Town

B.Sc. Ecology and Marine Biology, University of Cape Town

Project: Social and spatial behaviour of koalas

Kye and koala.JPG

Kye McDonald

PhD candidate

B. Sci. (Env. Sci.) University of the Sunshine Coast

B. Sci. (Hons.) University of the Sunshine Coast

Project: Development of new field technologies for koala conservation


Russel Miller

M.Sc. candidate

Project: Training and deployment of detection dogs for conservation of threatened species

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Dr Sinta Frere

Research Assistant

PhD University of Queensland

BA (Hons I Monash University)

Brooklyn Hare.jpg

Brooklyn Hare

Honours candidate

Project: Impact of disturbance, such as translocation and rehabilitation, on koalas movement